Our next Info Night Party will be on Monday, May 1 at 7 p.m. at the University Christian Church, 3900 Cleveland Avenue, San Diego, CA 92103 (across from the Hillcrest DMV and Post Office). We welcome singers, dancers and behind-the-scenes production and operation volunteers. We’ll hold singer auditions on May 1, 6, 8 and 15.

IMPORTANT: You must register online ahead of time so that we can schedule your appointment.

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Filling out the application does not commit you to auditioning for the chorus.

All auditions and Info Night are held at our regular rehearsal home, University Christian Church, located at 3900 Cleveland Avenue in Hillcrest, across from the DMV and Hillcrest Post Office.


To be successful in your SDGMC audition, you should have some prior music experience either singing in a school, community or church chorus, or playing a musical instrument.  Most members of SDGMC possess at least basic music sight-reading skills.  Your five-minute audition with members of the artistic staff will consist of the following:

• 16-32 measures of a prepared solo that you enjoy singing. You must either bring sheet music for our accompanist, or an iPod-compatible player with an accompaniment track. We will provide a dock with speakers. Sorry, but no unaccompanied auditions are permitted. Part of your audition is determining how well you sing in tune to an accompaniment.
(15 points max.)
• A check of your vocal range, from high notes to low notes, to determine your vocal placement
• A check to see how accurately you can sing a note played for you on the piano (10 points max.)
• A check to see how accurately you can sing back a short combination of notes and rhythms played on the piano (10 points max.)
•A short six-question “match the music symbol to its name” quiz to check your knowledge of basic music notation symbols (6 points max.)
•A simple four to eight-measure sight-reading exercise (10 points max.)

A combined score of 35 points is needed for admission to the chorus.


If you wish to return as a singing member and are not returning from a formal leave of absence, you will be required to go through the audition process. Your eligibility for membership will be based on the same audition requirements and point system detailed above.