“Christmas on Our Own”

New Holiday Hit Song Premieres at Jingle

Words began to flow from the fingertips of DC James at a very early age. As a third grader, he discovered his lyrical talent as he penned his first poem for a school assignment.

But it wasn’t until ten years later when he bought a friend’s $60 acoustic guitar that James began to write songs. And it wasn’t just any song he was looking to write. At the time, he was a nineteen-year-old reeling from his first, crushing heartache and those guitar strings were just the right valve to release the emotions welling deep inside himself.

“Writing about being heartbroken is every songwriter’s story,” said the Canadian who transplanted to San Diego last year. “My friend taught me four chords and I was off and writing.”

Today, with thirteen years and hundreds of songs under his belt, James is singing a new tune. This time, he’s singing about love. His new hit song “Christmas on Our Own” is dedicated to the man he eventually married last year and, like a script from a Hallmark Christmas movie, he married the same man who was the subject of that very first break-up song. Instead of heartache, James now musically imagines spending the holiday with that special someone he “just might wanna ho ho hold” all Christmas long.

“Christmas on Our Own” has been gaining popularity since its release on iTunes and Spotify last month, but bringing it to the stage was a project unto itself. James worked with San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus Artistic Director RC Haus and collaborated with acclaimed music arranger Jerome Kurtenbach to set his music to men’s choral vocals with accompanying musical score. (Click Here to Listen to Christmas On Your Own)

“I’ve been humming this song all year long. I knew if I couldn’t get it out of my head, then others might love it too,” chuckled James who joined the Chorus this year. “Hearing the guys rehearsing it now is so surreal. But I love it, and I love hearing the guys say they love it too.”

This year’s Jingle concerts will showcase the world premiere of the new choral arrangement featuring James singing lead with nearly 200 SDGMC vocalists and the Chaz Cabrera JazzKatz Orchestra.

“Joining the Chorus has been a great experience and a great support system. I love what it stands for and the people are amazing,” noted James. “I feel like this is a place where I can be myself—where people don’t judge you, they celebrate you.”

You can find out more about DC James and listen to “Christmas on Our Own” at www.dcjamesofficial.com.

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